Patient Testimonials


I went to see Li because my anxiety had taken over my life. I couldn't attend conference meetings at work without feeling that everyone was looking at me and judging me while I spoke. After very few visits my feeling of dread, sweating palms and heart palpitations slowly went away. No drugs just acupuncture. I had tried beta blockers in the past with little help. To this day, I feel confident at work, occasionally giving public talks on various technical topics. It's funny, after an acupuncture session, I feel so confident that I become agressive in conversations. Not inappropriate, just enough to let people know I'm around.

N. S.

Asthma / Allergies

I was suffering with asthma for seven months. Even though I took medications for this condition, which included 3 courses of antibiotics, predinisone, 3 different inhalers, steam treatments and zolain shots, nothing helped, I still experienced shortness of breath.

After seeing Li's Adverstisement on a local newspaper, I made an appointment. With a combination of herbs and acupuncture from Li, the results were great. My asthma symptoms soon left me and I am finally feeling better.

R. E.

Acupuncture has significantly improved my health and well being. Before I began treatment I had serious breathing problems due to weakness and obstruction in my trachea (wind pipe) and chronic asthma. As a result I could not walk short distances without gasping for air and I could not sleep without waking up gasping for breath. After ten weeks of acupuncture treatment, under the care of Dr. Li Zheng, my breathing was restored to normal for the first time in more than ten years. I have now am able to walk several miles without difficulty and my sleeping is sound and restful. Acupuncture treatment, for me, has been the equivalent of a modern medical miracle.

M. C.

Chem/Radiation Side Effects

I am a lung cancer patient, currently going through chemotherapy. Dr. Zheng is treating me with acupuncture and herbs and I hardly ever get nausea or vomiting, the common side effects of my chemo treatment. My anemic condition was gone with twelve days of treatment. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped me tolerate chemotherapy and has strengthened my immune function. Now my tumor is shrinking and i have more energy and a clearer mind to teach my grandson math.

Z. Z.

Digestive Problems

After one visit for acupuncture with Li Zheng my stomach started to feel better. After a few more, my symptoms have disappeared. I have had life long cramping which was coincident with stress and too much rich food. I could not walk after a meal for fear of having issues. Previously, I had tried restricting my diet as well as prescribed medications recommended by my general practitioner. Prior to this, nothing helped my difficult situation. The acupuncture treatment did not hurt at all, in fact I found it restful.

B. O.

Eye Problems

On Oct. 3rd I met Dr. Zheng in China Garden. During that time she was talking about how acupuncture can be used to treat different kind of disease including back pain and eye problems. While I was very happy to hear that she can offer free treatments for the nurses in China Garden, she looked at me and said your eyes are so red. My eye pressure has been high for a while, which could damage the optic nerves. She asked me if I would like to come and visit her clinic one day, so that she can use needles to lower the eye pressure. At that time, I did not believe that acupuncture can lower the eye pressure. But I am always open-minded and willing to try something new to me. So I went to her clinic for a couple of times. After each treatment, I felt my eye muscles were instantly relaxed. She told me that her patients usually got their eye pressure checked right after the treatment, acupuncture can lower the eye pressure instantly. Also I twisted my left ankle when I was swimming. After a few treatments, my left ankle pain was gone completely and I can swimming better now. I think acupuncture improve my energy flow and relaxed my body and mind.

Dr Zheng is an excellent acupuncturist with peaceful mind and kind heart. Combing my Buddhism meditation and acupuncture treatment, I believe I can improve my health much more efficiently.

P. W.

Facial Rejuvenation

I have seen Dr. Li Zheng for facial rejuvenation acupuncture for about one-and-a-half years. My appointments were closer together for the first few months, and they are now more spread out. Dr. Zheng is highly skilled, extremely well trained and very competent. She is also wonderful to work with, very compassionate and understanding.

She is thoughtful about her treatments, and she addresses many physical and psychological issues as she treats you. I am pleased with the results of the facial acupuncture. I would highly recommend Dr. Zheng for facial rejuvenation acupuncture or for general acupuncture. She is a most caring and competent clinician.

V. F. from Rhode Island

Improved General Health

I am been seeing Dr. Zheng now for various conditions for over 5 years after trying several other acupuncturists. She has been the most helpful and thorough of any practitioner I have seen. She has helped me with various conditions which were limiting my lifestyle and also gives me helpful advice for many of my medical issues. She has treated my tendonitis, arthritis, asthma, menopause symptoms, back problems and overall health. Her treatments (all without any negative side effects) have helped and alleviated my symptoms when other types of medical treatments failed. She spends twice as much time with me compared to the other practitioners I initially saw and is always able to fit me in if I need an appointment. Not only have the acupuncture treatments helped but the herbals remedies have consistently proven to be a tremendous help to myself and other family members. My son was on asthma medication for 3 months, not getting appreciably better at all. After seeing Li and being on her herbs for 2 weeks he was completely off his asthma medication.

S. L.

I am so grateful to the friend who highly recommended Li to me a few years ago. This was a turning point for me in the treatment of a condition that greatly affected my health and my life. The acupuncture helped tremendously. I have continued to see Li for a variety of chronic conditions such as tendonitis, IBS, back pain, all of which were relieved by Li's acupuncture treatment. I am in awe of her knowledge of the human body, her experience and her expertise. I am constantly impressed with her caring, kind, thoughtful and thorough manner.

L. A.


After almost two years of trying to have a baby and experiencing several failed infertility procedures, my husband and I felt such despair. Everything we were being told and reading was so negative for a woman who was approaching 40 with slightly elevated FSH and a below average response to infertility drugs. I also had been to a few infertility clinics and found that they were overburdened with patients and could not invest the time or energy to customize an infertility protocol for me. In addition, to the stress of infertility, I was also going to be denied future infertility treatments by my insurance provider.

I started researching acupuncture and herbs. I had read Randine Lewis's book "The Infertility Cure" which truly inspired me. I had also read several encouraging articles. In my search for an acupuncturist, I also recognized early on the importance of herbs, but was a bit hesitant. Then I found Li's website, noting that Li several years of acupuncture experience, had trained for several years in China, was a licensed a herbalist. When we met, I knew instantly that she was dedicated to her profession and to her patients.

Li gave my husband and I hope, listened to me, and invested the time and energy to customize the herbs and acupuncture sessions to address my deficiencies. When I would become impatient or discouraged with the doctor diagnoses, Li encouraged me to continue treatment and we built a relationship of mutual trust and respect. She also generously offered to treat my husband to improve my chances of pregnancy. After 8 additional months of acupuncture treatments and daily herbal supplement, we were successful.

Miraculously, on New Year's Eve 2004, I had a positive pregnancy test. Li was so excited for us. We continued to go for acupuncture treatments to prevent miscarriage and delivered a healthy, beautiful, baby girl in August of 2005. My husband and I are so grateful to Li for her support and dedication to make our dream for a child a reality. We couldn't be happier.

I have also recommended Li to several infertile couples who have become pregnant and will or have delivered healthy babies. Some have miscarried or not achieved pregnancy yet, but I think that everyone that has been treated by Li knows that she gave her best effort and was truly dedicated to each of them. My baby girl is now 5 months old. I will be 41 years old soon. I am not afraid or discouraged and I plan to begin treatment again this month in the hope that we will have another child. She is thoughtful about her treatments, and she addresses many physical and psychological issues as she treats you. I am pleased with the results of the facial acupuncture. I would highly recommend Dr. Zheng for facial rejuvenation acupuncture or for general acupuncture. She is a most caring and competent clinician.

A. D.

Over the past 5 years my husband and I have been trying to conceive a child. We have been to three fertility specialists and I went to a few other acupuncturists before discovering Li. We did 3 IUI?s and 5 IVF?s and we were told that I had low egg reserve and poor egg quality. It was suggested by several doctors that our best chance to have a child would be through an egg donor. This option never felt comfortable for me.

After finding Li she encouraged me to try on my own, drink special formulated herb teas created for me to drink twice a day and to come in for acupuncture on a weekly basis. Li really took the time each week to evaluate what was going on in my body and cycle. Her kind, gentle and thorough approach put my mind and body at ease. After 2 months of treatment I surprisingly became pregnant on my own with twins. I wish I discovered Li years ago. Li is a miracle worker.

N. A.

I have been seeing Li for the last 5 years. She was recommended to me by another acupuncturist for her expertise. She is professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable. My husband and I have been trying to conceive. Li helped us achieve that goal.

L. B.


Before I saw Li, I would wake up at least twice a night. I would sometimes stay awake for more than an hour. At work the next day, Iwould not be at my best for lack of sleep. I work in a very fast moving environment and must keep up and often lead the way. This problem created many problems for me. So Li treated me for this condition using acupuncture over a period of time. My sleep now is great. I often sleep straight though the night and wake up fully refreshed. If I do happen to wake up because the dog moved, I fall directly back to sleep. My job performance is greatly improved. They are trying to keep up with me now.

C. W.

Migraines / Headaches

After only three acupuncture treatments, I was migraine free for the first time in years with the onset of my menses. I also followed Li?s recommendations regarding nutrition. I actually have not had a migraine since Li began treatments. For a few years now I have been averaging 8-12 migraines a month. I am grateful and excited to work with Li on my other medical conditions.

D. V.

Pain Syndrome

I have been a patient of Dr. Zheng's for over one year. Originally I sought out treatments for severe nerve pain. The sessions were very relaxing which helped me deal with the accompanying stress from the pain. The pain is now gone. I continue to see Dr. Zheng. My treatments with her have been very calming and had a very restoratic effect physically and emotionally.

L. S.

Li's treatments allow me to run again. My knee pain for the past 7 years restricted me to exercising on a elliptical machine. Every so often I get acupuncture on my knee to reduce the pain to near zero. Not only do I feel the pain has gone away, but the range of motion of my knee has improved significantly so I believe these treatments are getting at the root cause of my discomfort.

S. R.


Acupuncture has helped me tremendously. I have, with Li Zheng’s help, been able to overcome severe tendonitis and sciatica so that I can enjoy many activities I had previously given up on. I also credit LI with helping me to manage my celiac disease, which is an auto immune condition. The treatments are very relaxing and I feel immediate benefit from them in terms of stress relief. I am very grateful to Li for her skill and knowledge. It has really improved the quality of my life.

J. C.