Success Story (continued)

Panic Attacks and Anxiety (September 2013)

Chuck grew up in Boston, and studied hard through high school. He had been a quiet boy, having a very good relationship with his brother and parents. Since he didn't talk that much, he tended to internalize a lot of things, which made him think about them too much. He had been working for a financial company for many years, but then for some reason he could not tolerate the type of work where money was the primary focus.

He decided to go back to school and do some hands-on work, which he loved when he was a child. Then a very bad thing happened to him. He was walking along in a underground garage at night when suddenly two young men jumped him from behind and tried to mug him.

He immediately went into a fight or flight condition. He was so young that his brain decided to fight at the moment with these two robbers. He wrestled with these two strong guys and finally broke free and ran away. But after this startling event, his adrenal gland was very deficient.

As a result, he could not even cope with being with a group of people in a low oxygen room or even if someone would simply touch his back gently. It would make him jump.

When he first came to see me, his eyes were unusually wide open, as if he was in a high alert condition. When I tried to press certain points on his back, he jumped with every single touch. Around the needle insertion, he developed red spots indicating high histamine level inside the body. The deficiency of the relaxing hormones and adrenal gland after the emergency made his nervous system hypersensitive.

Acupuncture can strengthen the relaxing part of the nervous system called parasympathetic nervous system, which gets weakened after we get older or stressed out chronically. If he relaxed more, his digestive system would absorb more nutrients to nourish his adrenal gland and calm down his sympathetic nervous system. He would sleep deeper and the histamine level will be lowered. I started asking him to get rid of all the stimulants such as Coke, coffee and high sugar foods, which constantly stimulates his sympathetic nerves. It is another stress for his body to get rid of old habits. With the help of acupuncture treatments, he was able to get rid of all processed food and soda, and started drinking tea. After 12 treatments, he was able to relax when I pressed the back points; furthermore he could stay with a group of people comfortably to discuss certain things. He found a very good job right after he graduated.

Infertility and PCOS (June 2013)

A young lady came to me for infertility treatment. Because she loves coffee and sugar, which kept her insulin levels constantly high, her follicles stopped growing and she developed PCOS. She did not ovulate regularly and she had been taking birth control pills for more than 10 years. When she turned 35, she wanted to have a baby. However, she could not ovulate herself any more because the Pill stopped her ovaries from functioning. Although the infertility specialist gave her the drug Clomid to stimulate her ovaries, because her ovaries had not worked for so many years, they did not respond to the drug.

The first thing I told her is to stop drinking coffee and eating simple sugars. She really wanted to have a healthy baby, so she followed the advice. Combining acupuncture and herbs, her ovaries produce 4 follicles during IVF treatment. Two of them were fertilized and transferred to her uterus. Now she is 10 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby!