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Acupuncture Infertility

We are four acupuncturist in four cities: Boston, Philly, NYC, and LA. If you have tried to conceive but failed, let us use our 80 years of combined clinical experience to help you start a family safely and naturally.

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Fertility Retreat 2011

Mind, Body, and Baby Retreat
October 28-30, 2011

Our Philosophy

From shadowing famous Chinese infertility specialist Dr. ZQ Guo as well as her own 24 years of clinical experience, Dr. Li Zheng understands that the root cause of each couple's infertility is different. Hence, at the Mind, Body, & Baby Retreat, we never prescribe one treatment for everyone. Instead, we work hard to tailor specific herbal formulae and acupuncture points based on your body's own unique hormone constitution as well as your individual reaction to environmental and seasonal changes. We believe that only by reaching each individual's own optimum level of ovarian, pituitary, hypothalamic, and testicular function will we achieve a healthy pregnancy for both mom, dad, and baby.

Retreat Details

The People

Dr. Zheng

Li Zheng

Changhong Zhou

Iris Zhou



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