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Dr. Zhiqiang Guo

Dr. ZQ Guo, famous infertility specialist from China, will be in the Boston area seeing patients on May 24, 2011. Ask him all your infertility concerns!

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Dr. Guos's Seminar on High Cholesterol and Female Infertility

On May 22, 2011, Dr. ZQ Guo, world-famous Chinese gynecologist, and his wife, Dr. WQ Guo, a renowned cardiologist, gave an 8-hour seminar to a packed audience of American and Chinese acupuncturists and herbalists. With Li Zheng and Kathryn Loomis translating, the Dr. Guos's enriched listeners with over 60 years of collective clinical wisdom.

Guo seminar audience

Dr. WQ Guo started off the event with an in-depth explanation of how Chinese herbs help lower high cholesterol. In one particularly fascinating case study, Dr. Guo tells the story of a secluded Chinese village in which septuagenarians were plenty and even the oldest of the elders retained jet-black hair and all of their teeth. Medical researchers, fascinated by the health of this very poor village, found the answer to their longevity in the villagers' drinking water. Around the well where villagers got their potable water, the Chinese herbal plant He Shou Wu (Polygonum) grew in abundance. The medicinal properties of the plant leaked into the well water and protected villagers from the physical effects of aging. Scientists concluded that He Shou Wu helped combat aging by lowering its user's cholesterol levels. Through this case study, Dr. WQ Guo illustrated the basis for using He Shou Wu in herbal decoctions that lower cholesterol as well as demonstrated some of the more miraculous healing properties of Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr. ZQ Guo

In the second half, Dr. ZQ Guo described the logic behind using Chinese herbs to treat female infertility. Dr. ZQ Guo began by emphasizing the difference between ancient women, for whom Chinese infertility practices were originally developed, and modern women, for whom practitioners must now tailor those theories. Using a witty sense of humor, Dr. ZQ Guo deplored the trends of modern women such as sleeping late or wearing clothing that covers nothing at all and related these social phenomena to current, increasing rates of infertility. Other than providing herbal fertility formulae and insightful lifestyle advice to his audience, Dr. ZQ Guo also provided innovative treatments that he himself developed. For example, Dr. ZQ Guo discovered serendipitously that of the 3,000 treatments of herbal enema he performed for patients with gastrointestinal problems, more than 1/3 of those women became pregnant. As a result, Dr. ZQ Guo has added herbal enema to his growing arsenal of infertility cures, which has given him the flexibility to treat a diverse array of difficult cases.

This lecture marks the conclusion of the Dr. Guos's first U.S. tour. Their books are currently only available in Chinese but will be translated into English within the next year.

Selected videos from the lecture will be made available on our YouTube channel here. Stay tuned!